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This 110,000 ft² facility was founded in 1988 and is located on the same campus as HCI and BDS. Axis specializes in Machining and Assembly utilizing the following equipment and processes:

  • Capabilities – Milling, turning, boring, tapping and drilling
  • Turning Centers – CNC turning centers capable of 1,600 lbs; live tooling
  • Horizontal Machining Centers – CNC machining centers of various pallet sizes with indexable and live forth axis capacity up to 2,865 lbs.
  • Vertical Machining Centers – CNC machining centers with xyz capacity to 59.80”, 31” and 30”.
  • Multi-Head Drill – Three Natco type; HSS application
  • Quality Assurance – Mitutoyo CMM with Geomeasure software
  • Value Added – Pre-assemblies available
  • ISO 9001: Registered
  • Fixturing – Full in house design and manufacturing including hydraulic actuation clamping.