Blue Diamond Steel (BDS) was founded in 2008 to provide our customers with the ability to purchase the same high quality steel castings in a weight range of 500-12,000 lbs. BDS utilizes many of the same process techniques that support the high quality at HCI along with the following equipment/materials:

  • Magma Computer Flow and Solidification Modeling
  • Large Automated Pouring Line utilizing a shot backed system for shell molds.
  • Part Envelope size up to 44"x54" - Shell
  • Large No-Bake Automated Molding Line
  • In-House Heat Treat including Q/T
  • In-House Digital X-ray Capability up to 21 inches thick
  • Carbon and Low Alloy Steels
  • Cerabead Sand - Surface finish approaching investment quality

Other Foundaries

Huron Casting
Suzhou Huron Manufacturing Company
Berne Foundry LLC