HCI is a veteran owned company and was founded in 1976. This 350,000 ft2 facility has the capability to produce shell molded steel castings in a weight range from 3-500 lbs. Headquartered in Pigeon, Michigan, we remain at the forefront of cutting edge technology by using the following innovative equipment and processes:

  • Magma Computer Flow and Solidification Modeling
  • Part envelope sizes from 15"x20" up to 23"x34.5" - Shell Molded
  • Automated Pouring Lines, utilizing a shot backed system
  • Robotic cells performing cutoff and cleaning
  • Vertical integration - Machining/Assembly
  • ISO 9001: Registered
  • Real time process information technology

Other Foundaries

Blue Diamond
Suzhou Huron Manufacturing Company
Berne Foundry LLC